build an intermediate networking

yesterday a friend of mine seek some advice about creating an intermediate networking

these are his requirement
– use private network to communicate within 8 floors
– can communicate between each subnets
– create 1 subnet for each floor

so we can conclude that this fellow wants
– a routed network through his 8 floors

what do we need to advise him what equipment does he have to use
– 1 core switch (Layer2 and Layer3)
– 8 access switch
– 8 fiber cable for termination of each floor

reason to use that equipment

– this man required that all his subnet can communicate each other
– although quite expensive, this fiber will provide best data transmission to every access switch that will be deployed
– core switch layer 2 functionality is to provide VLan Trunking to be used by access switches
– core switch layer 3 functionality is to provide routing for all subnets

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